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List of 25+ Magazine Name Ideas in 2024

Why choose Namify’s magazine name generator?

Why choose Namify’s magazine name generator?

The magazine and publishing industries can be difficult to break into. Readers rely on established names — the brands they already trust. With Namify, you can select a unique name that builds trust and stays top-of-mind for your readers.

Here’s why Namify’s magazine name generator gives you the best suggestions:

  • Hours-long process condensed into minutes
    With Namify, you don’t just get great magazine name ideas you also get to check domain, trademark and social media username availability. It is the only name generator that helps you brainstorm and vet name ideas.
  • Various categories for better names
    Namify has 80+ categories to choose from. So whether you need art magazine name ideas, health magazine name ideas or lifestyle magazine name ideas, you’ll be able to choose the right category and find a perfect name.
  • A free logo!
    Namify’s magazine name generator also provides you with logo options that will enhance the look of your publication. And it is totally free!

Get cool magazine name ideas in seconds with Namify’s magazine name generator.

brand name generator

Get cool magazine name ideas in seconds with Namify’s magazine name generator.

With Namify, you get a unique name, logo, and trademark check for no cost.

  • Namify checks for social media username availability on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more to help you have a uniform brand presence online.
  • With Namify’s filter you can control how your magazine name sounds. Want a one word title? There’s a filter for that. How about a name that rhymes? There’s a filter for that too!

What makes Namify’s magazine name ideas so good?

Namify uses artificial intelligence to suggest contextual, elegant names. Your inputs are used to generate memorable and meaningful names instead of random magazine name ideas. To get the best possible names, you can:

  • Use the most contextual keywords and select a category that best fits your magazine and the content you plan on adding.
  • Once Namify generates magazine name ideas, click on the little heart next to the names to create a shortlist of the ideas you like most.
  • Pick your top three favorites, check if the social media usernames are available and if there are any trademarks you need to worry about, and register the name you like best. Namify will even give you a free logo for the name you choose.

Here are some examples for ideal domain names to help you make your decision:

  • www.[magazine name].press
  • www.[name + bazaar].fun
  • www.[entertainment + adverb].online
  • www.[business + adjective].website
  • www.[owner’s name + tech related word].tech

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Here’s why experts such as Ali Mirza (Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur), Timoté Chanut (Entrepreneur and Tech Educator) and Marty Englander - Entrepreneur & Web Developer swear by Namify.

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Here are some name ideas from Namify’s magazine name generator

  • The Style Hub
  • Clear Couture  
  • Music Now
  • The Traveller Project
  • Real Gardening