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List of 20+ Freshly Brewed Coffee Shop Name Ideas

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Experts such as Marty Englander - Entrepreneur & Web Developer, Timoté Chanut (Entrepreneur and Tech Educator) and Ali Mirza (Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur) love Namify. Watch these videos to know why.

Why is Namify’s cafe name generator the best option for your business?

Why is Namify’s cafe name generator the best option for your business?

An attractive name can get your cafe the attention it needs; and your expert service will take care of the rest! Namify’s cafe name generator uses a specially created algorithm to generate relevant and catchy names that your cafe can use.

Here’s why Namify has the best cafe name generator:

  • Every name is unique
    No two names that Namify’s cafe name generator creates are the same. With plenty of name options, you can take your time and choose the absolute best title for your cafe business.
  • You brainstorm and vet on the same site
    Namify doesn’t just help you with cafe name ideas. It also checks for domain name availability, social media username availability, trademarks, and offers a free logo for every registered name. The hours long process of brainstorming and vetting is condensed into just a few minutes on Namify.
  • You get contextual domain names
    Namify checks for domain name availability on new, top-level domain extensions like .Store, .Site, .Online, .Space, .Website and more. These offer higher availability of first-choice domain names and are more contextual and easier for your customers to remember.

Namify serves the best cafe shop name ideas for free.

brand name generator

Namify serves the best cafe shop name ideas for free.

With Namify you can generate names for your cafe as many times as you’d like — it’s always going to be free.

You should choose Namify’s cafe name generator for these reasons:

  • There’s a specific sub-category for cafes, under ‘Hospitality’. This makes your search more focused.
  • With Namify’s search filters, you can control the length of your cafe’s name and how it sounds.
  • You get free trademark checks in the US and EU which help avoid any trademark infringement.

What does every good cafe name have in common?

Some cafe shop name ideas instantly attract customers. Here are some tips you can use to get such a catchy name for your cafe:

  • Add as many keywords as you can to the generator. Namify will be able to give you more cafe business name ideas that way.
  • Try to work with a quirky name. Such names can raise intrigue and that’s never a bad thing!
  • Namify has a ton of great suggestions! Scan as many of the ideas that the cafe name generator suggests to make an informed decision.

Here are some example templates that can help you make your decision:

  • www.[coffee shop name].store
  • www.[fresh + bakery item].space
  • www.[city name + coffee].site
  • www.[owner’s name + coffee].website
  • www.[early bird + coffee].online

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These are some name ideas from Namify’s cafe name generator you can consider: 

  • Cafe Loop
  • The Coffee Company 
  • The Earth Project
  • Terrace Vibe
  • Espresso Inc
  • Zen Bakery